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General & Complex Business Investigations

Our Investigative Team

Buckingham has assembled some of the best investigators in the profession. These individuals are known for their proficiency in conducting investigations with the public, private and corporate sectors.

The team offers knowledge and experience with investigation and mediation, experience in conflict resolution, accurate documentation, extraordinary ethical standards, and legally driven decisions. The company has an emphasis on extensive and detailed report writing with documentation refined summaries and recommendations at the conclusion, where required.

Team members recognize the importance to remain flexible and fluid in their approaches, bringing a proven history of pivoting to where a situation takes them and ensuring the response is done professionally, efficiently, and effectively. Consistent rationale in decision-making, fair and impartial approaches to complaints and a high level of confidentiality are essential to the work done by the Buckingham team.

Our Unique Investigative Process

In addition, the Buckingham investigative team includes a file manager who coordinates the wide array of resources for the investigators, and an analyst who gathers incident reports, witness statements, source interviews and other intelligence. All information is then synthesized as a detailed analysis of the investigation and made available in a timely manner.

Buckingham has developed a specific and prescribed plan for its investigations utilizing recognized and established investigative and reporting techniques. Included within this plan is a strategic method of monitoring and triaging assignments utilizing a detailed project management tracking form. The file manager documents and regularly updates a detailed and accurate capture of the investigation and investigative steps taken. These detailed reports and documentation throughout the process include refined summaries and recommendations at the project’s conclusion.

Other Types of Investigations