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4 Principles for Managing Workplace Disputes

David Rudderham and Darren Wilcox, two of the lead investigators for Buckingham Inc., share the four principles for effectively and efficiently managing workplace disputes.     1. Develop Written Procedures That Ensure All Workplace Complaints Are Handled In A Formal And Consistent Way. Previously, it was standard for employers to address workplace conflict and harassment … Continued

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Buckingham Partnership with Ukraine-Based Centry Global

Buckingham Inc. is excited to announce a new business partnership with Ukraine-based Centry Global. “We’re excited for this joint venture to expand the success of Centry Global, Buckingham Inc. and businesses throughout Canada,” said Rod Buckingham, president and CEO of Buckingham Inc. “We will be able to offer fresh resources and innovative ideas to companies … Continued

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Buckingham Security Services Scholarship

Buckingham Inc. is thrilled to announce the recipients of the newly formed Buckingham Security Services Scholarship. The Buckingham Security Services Scholarship is awarded in honour of the late Alice Patricia Buckingham. Mrs. Buckingham’s passion for education had a tremendous influence on those around her, including her son, Rod Buckingham, Buckingham Inc.’s founder and president.    “My mother … Continued

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“We’re entering a new era with new expectations. And company leaders must be transparent about expectations and tolerance. This is the first step toward developing a healthy workplace where everyone can feel safe.” — Rod Buckingham How should my company be preparing for the requirements of Bill C-65? A: “It begins at the top,” says … Continued

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