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About Us

Based in Saskatchewan, Buckingham Inc. is a Canadian firm with extensive experience in independent workplace conflict and complex business investigations, mediation for a restorative workplace, code of conduct issues, intrusion testing and event security solutions. Whether your business is an oil refinery in a remote corner of the world, a government building in a small town or a corporate office in the heart of a major city, one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your people and your assets is to align your company with a trusted investigative and security firm. Buckingham Inc. serves its valued customers through a comprehensive list of customized services.

Our Mission Statement

At Buckingham Security, the team is committed to safeguarding Canadian companies from potential threats — both internal and external. We endeavor to provide exemplary investigative services, security solutions and proactive training programs designed to ensure safer workplaces throughout Canada organizations, and individuals.

Our Founder

Buckingham Inc. was founded by Rod Buckingham in 2013. Rod entered the workplace and business workplace solutions business with more than 40 years of law-enforcement experience in both police and private-sector security. Buckingham began activating custom events in 2013, as the official security provider for the Canadian Football League and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Buckingham launched its first investigation in Saskatchewan in 2018 and Investigations are now one of the company’s fastest growing service lines across Canada.

Our Commitment

Rod’s commitment to safety and problem-solving workplace and business solutions continues today through Buckingham Inc. Our network of 90+ highly experienced and trained independent investigators have been selected for their reputation, ethics, competence, professionalism, discretion, and attention to detail.

Buckingham specializes in services including General and Complex Business Investigations, Workplace Code of Conduct Investigations, Intrusion Testing on all levels, high-level custom security solutions and a comprehensive training program. 


In addition, the team at Buckingham Inc. receives rigorous, ongoing training to ensure they remain current and relevant regarding new laws, codes, policies and techniques. With assets and resources located throughout Canada, this team can be available on short notice almost anywhere in the country.

Our Core Values


We continually pursue the betterment of our people, including ourselves and our clients. We share our many skills in continually building a diverse, inclusive team that is open-minded, supportive and committed to lifelong learning. And we ensure that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to advance their opinion.


We respect everyone we encounter no matter what their circumstances. Our dedication to an impartial, ethical, Professional process that is thorough and complete is unparalleled. We always go the extra mile — or as many miles as it takes — to complete a task.


We strive to exhibit compassion and sympathy for our team. We cultivate joy whenever we can and find ways to support those who can use a lift.


We display our professionalism in everything we do; we follow through on our work; and we are trusted to utilize our integrity and honesty to protect the confidentiality of our clients. We exist to protect businesses and their people by employing our many abilities and dedication to the tasks at hand.


We take seriously our commitment to be reliable, dependable, accountable and exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality results on time and on budget. We regularly communicate updates on our process to our clients.