Benefits of Selecting Buckingham - Buckingham Security

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Why choose Buckingham?

Our firm strives to be best in class and utilizes a restorative process and comprehensive solutions to any challenges your company may encounter.

We utilize a unique team approach with each investigation, including two investigators, a file manager, analyst, report coordinator and a network of other essential experts as needed.

Our professionals have decades of experience in complex investigations, private sector security, and civil, regulatory and criminal statute issues.

We have an extensively trained and experienced team with rigorous and ongoing training including trauma-informed interview techniques, workplace harassment and dispute/trauma-based resolution.

We believe in clear and consistent communication throughout the investigative process offering absolute confidentiality and privacy regarding all aspects of the investigation.

We provide comprehensive and detailed reporting and documentation that is transparent and legally defensible.

Our large network of professional and independent investigators provides problem solving on any scale, mobilizing quickly throughout Canada.

We weave the company’s core values of trust, quality, humanity, respect and expertise in all aspects of our work.