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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

The Buckingham team has expertise, training, and experience in assisting companies in assessing, developing, and maintaining a restorative workplace with four key principles for effectively and efficiently managing workplace disputes.

Previously, it was standard for employers to address workplace conflict and harassment informally. Although dispute resolutions can be handled informally, the complaint process must be formalized and predictable — it must follow a set procedure. If the complaint process is not formalized, resolutions can become unclear and may resurface later, leading complainants to believe they were not taken seriously.

The investigation and resolution of a harassment complaint is, by design, a restorative process. Although there may be occasions when a determination is made and a discipline directed, the focus of the process is to ensure that the workplace environment improves.

It’s important for employees to understand that management will not tolerate any form of harassment, and that all harassment will be stopped, investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

Establish, implement and communicate your company’s policies and procedures before harassment becomes a problem.

“It begins at the top. CEOs and human resources directors of federally regulated Canadian businesses must work together to develop a comprehensive code of conduct on how to handle disputes in the workplace. And it must be done proactively, not reactively. The law is already in place, which is why we’re encouraging companies to develop and implement these policies and procedures as quickly as possible. Subsequently, they must be communicated to management and staff, and all of the requisite training must be made available. By being proactive, companies can effectively manage disputes before they become problematic.”

– Rod Buckingham, President & CEO

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