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Active Threat Training

Sandy Hook, Orlando, Virgina Tech, Columbine … sadly, the list of “active threat” tragedies is long, and the phrase is no longer limited to the jargon of law enforcement and security personnel. It’s become part of the mainstream. Nevertheless, most people go about their days never expecting to face an active threat. However, it’s happening more and more, and unless there are trained law enforcement officers on the scene, which is rare, it’s vital that schools, businesses, government facilities and other organizations have a plan. At the very least, there needs to be “situational awareness.”

Buckingham Security: Corporate Security Training Programs

Active threats come in many forms, and for various reasons, with the most extreme involving an attack with a deadly weapon. The natural response in these situations is to “run, hide, fight,” and that’s what we suggest. However, there are things that can and should be done long before an attack ever occurs. Most important is to conduct a risk assessment of the property. Among other things, this allows for a thorough review of access points and associated security measures to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the risk assessment process will teach internal personnel how to identify risks, understand the effectiveness of the controls already in place and identify areas for improvement.

Upon completion of the risk assessment, Buckingham Security will provide a detailed report of its findings and, most importantly, develop a set of procedures and protocol to be followed by your employees in the event of an active shooter incident. We can customize a corporate security training programs to fit your organization’s needs and capacity.

Download Buckingham Security Active Shooter Card (pdf)

Corporate Security Training Programs

  • Harassment Training

  • Workplace Communications & Interview Techniques

  • Deciding Truthfulness in an Interview

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