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Buckingham Inc. was founded by Rod Buckingham, who has more than 36 years of law-enforcement experience in both police and private-sector security. In those years, he was the Operations Inspector in charge of detectives for the Regina Police Services, he’s worked as a hostage negotiator, a member of the
Anti-Terrorist Team for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and as the senior security consultant for the Canadian Football League.

Professional HR Investigators

His commitment to safety continues today through Buckingham Inc., which comprises some of the best HR investigators in the profession, including women and men who are known for their ability to conduct and support professional investigations, dispute mediation, workplace assessments, and large public-event security. In addition, the team at Buckingham Inc. receives rigorous, ongoing training to ensure they remain current and relevant regarding new laws, codes, policies and techniques. With assets and resources located throughout Canada, this team can be available on short notice almost anywhere in the country.

Rod Buckingham leading his team of HR Investigators

“I’ve been protecting people my entire life.”
– Rod Buckingham
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